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Public Health Switzerland 2001-2019

An overview of the development of the Swiss psychiatric care system from a demographic,

professional and health economic point of view

April 17th, 2022, Zurich

Authors: Julius Hargitai & Dr. med. Murat Yilmaz


Swiss mental health had some significant developments in the past 25 years. The mandatory data collection of swiss psychiatric hospitals started in 1998. In addition, from 2000, all psychiatric clinics throughout the country collected mandatory datasets of patients and daily care procedures.

This study was a meta-analysis of the data from the Swiss Public Health register, Swiss Doctors register, Swiss Patient Register, Swiss Conference of Directors of Public Health, and Federal Office of Public Health.

The study aimed to investigate the demographic developments of the population, the change in the demand for psychiatric therapy and consultations, and analyze the data on the changing in psychiatric medical supply. For example, the need for psychiatric medical supplies increased during the last decades, whereas the number of hospital beds was decreasing. We wanted to measure this mismatch for the current state and explore it for future needs.

We want to unfold the development of a specific period between 2001 and 2019. The Hospital participation rate over the research period was 100%, indicating the reliability of the statistically captured numbers in our meta-research.

April 17th, 2022, Zurich

Click on the link below to read the Scientific paper on Researchgate:

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