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Lifelong learning

In times like these, when complexity is increasing rapidly. In times like these, when the knowledge from today become obsolete tomorrow, is life long learning become an essential entity of our everyday working life. Learning becomes a need of our lives.

I was contemplating this idea and came to the theory, that if the path is more important than the destination, thus the question would be more important than the answer. 

Let me give you a fresh example of a recent article of Harvard Business Review. Why is it so, that many companies aren’t getting the value, they could benefit from data science? According to a recent survey of 7,000 data scientists, the most common barriers at work aren’t technical ones. So here is one of the reasons (which fits perfectly to the issue I am pointing), “lack of clear questions to answer.” 

It appears to me that the ignorance of Socrates becomes a point of view which is today even more important then it was in the past. Because, if you want to find somehow the "right" way for whatever you want to aim, the idea of "I don`t know, but I will do everything to find a way" turns out as a crucial one. 

I was contemplating this idea that, at what point do I know something. Which I found it is impossible to get to an end in life because as soon as you learn about something, you (your brain) immediately offers a path of mind that leads you to other ideas to think. So learning to the end is impossible but to learning on and on is the path of the wise men. 

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